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Is your Water Damaging your Hair?

Some of the most overlooked, but very damaging, problems with most of the available water you consume is the addition of chlorine in city water and acidic pH in well water, both of which are harmful to your hair. Although chlorine is added to most municipal water supplies in an effort to eliminate bacteria, it can cause your hair to be frizzy, lose its shine, look dull, feel dry and coarse, and even cause dandruff. 

The last thing you should worry about when seeking a refreshing, cleansing, hot shower are the negative effects that the water can have on your hair and skin.  That’s why BeyondH20 water treatment puts your mind at ease – it’s expertly filtered to deliver you water in its most natural and chemical-free state, which is exactly what water should be. 

Todd Hill
"The Water Guy"
Beyond H2O

Beyond H2O


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